Extension Maintenance

Longevity and Commitment

Just like your natural hair, hair extensions need constant TLC to maintain their premium quality.  The longevity of your hair extensions depends on the care products you use and the effort you put into maintaining your extensions. Without regular maintenance, hair extensions are more likely to get knotted and matted which reduces their life. However, with regular maintenance extensions will last longer.

Extensions require re-tightening or re-taping every 6-8 weeks.


  • Gently brush hair before washing
  • Only wash in direction of natural growth
  • Emulsify shampoo in hands, gently wipe over the top of hair and down the full length to the ends. The shampoo should be rinsed thoroughly
  • Do not use any products containing parabens and/or sulphates as these elements will cause an adverse reaction
  • Do not apply conditioner to root/tape area, only put it on the lengths and ends
  • Loosely air dry or blow dry on a cool setting only, gently and thoroughly.  A hot blow dry may cause extensions to slip or make the hair dry and dull
  • Do not leave wet hair wrapped in a towel as this will cause bacteria build up and to have a mushy, soft feel
  • Never sleep with wet or damp hair
  • Sleep with hair loosely plaited
  • Do not allow hair to get wet if swimming. Chlorine or salt water can ruin your extensions immediately and for good
  • When straightening with an iron ALWAYS use a low heat! Use one slow continuous movement. Do not overwork the same section. Do not use heat tools on the tape area
  • Hair extensions may be toned separately to natural hair by a hairdressing professional only. Hair extensions cannot be made lighter
  • Extensions react different to natural hair when using blonde shampoos, conditioners or other toning wash and rinses in the shower, only attempt after consulting with AMOS 
  • Extensions will become dry and brittle without caring for them