Elevated bespoke hair and beauty services


At AMOS, we offer hand-tied beaded wefts, K-tips, and tape hair extensions for length, volume, or both.

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Hair colour is an artform. At AMOS, we are experts in working with colour to add life, light and complexity to hair. We cater for all hair colour and undergo regular in-house and external colour and cutting education.

Keratin Smoothing

This service will smooth and tame all hair textures. Results slowly wash out of the hair over a period of months. This is not a permanent straightening service, it is formaldehyde FREE and causes no damage to the hair, instead hydrates the hair creating and healthy sheen.

Head Spa

For relaxation and self care. The AMOS head spa is a facial for the scalp and hair. Lay back in our comfortable salon basins and experience an array of scalp stimulation, massage and treating through our medicinal waterfall experience.


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